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Company Introduction

"TOYO INK"-the world -famous classic ink brand, means the newest, most advanced ink technical knowhow and formulae. With the above technical advantage, and the abundant experience and accumulation over ten years as well, Jiangmen Toyo Ink Co., Ltd has been a dazzling pearl in the ink-making line.

As the earliest joint-venture company formed by Toyo Ink Mfg.Co.,Ltd of Japan in China, besides the technical advantage, Jiangmen Toyo is equipped with a variety of modern production equipments, testing instruments and computerised color-matching system made in Japan ,Switzland, U.S.A.Belgium and U.K. and has many high-quality technicians cordinated with Japanese technicians' usual instruction .So the products Jiangmen Toyo making are high-class and high-quality, besides, Jiangmen Toyo can develop itself the new products which customers require.

Jiangmen Toyo Ink Co.,Ltd. passed the ISO9001: 2000 standard international quality system authentication. We have established the perfect computer network system of internal management and in order to closely keep pace with the information age, we have established own international interconnection website which can provide convenient on-line consultation and on-line service for customer.

View and Aim New Century New life New Dream New century brings new life and new dreams. The contribution which Jiangmen Toyo brings to new life in the new century is to advocate environmental protection. Leading the development of non-toluene ink, water-based ink and coating, Jiangmen Toyo's aim in the new century is to contribute to people a wealthy and colorful culture life worldwide and create new values in the new generation.

Policy-making and Management

Unceasingly, Jiangmen Toyo is leading the domestic ink-making tendency fromlaminating ink, steaming package ink, non-toluene ink, 2-piece-can ink, ink for paper to water-based can coating by importing the ink technical knowhow from Japan.

With a high-quality management group and advanced management experience drew from other developed countries, Jiangmen Toyo is devoting itself to be a first-class modernized enterprise. To reach the aim, Jiangmen Toyo sets up a new auto-control workshop and trains strictly the operators, Besides, establishes an intracompony net in the management of purchase, production, storage, sales and account and its internet web site.

Jiangmen Toyo company has already passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system authentication of Guangdong Quality System Authentication Center. Our product's high quality and stability always win universal praise.

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